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Q: What is the difference between Patriotism and Nationalism ?
A: Both words describe pride for a nation. The difference between them is the degree in which people feel them.

Patriotism: is the quality of being a patriot, the feeling of pride, love and devotion for your homeland. Most of the time this is a positive feeling.

E.g. " People who volunteer for military service feel a sense of patriotism.

Nationalism: is an ideology, is a political, social and economic movement which promote or protect the interest and values of a nation. In this case, this feeling could be both, positive or negative. The postiveness could transform into a feeling of superiority.

Nationalism was evident in European countries' colonial expansion

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Q: Patriotism is what many politicians try to promote in the political campaign and Trump is one of them. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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