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Q: What does Penny, if you truly want to be romantic, it needs to come from you.

What does it needs to come from you mean here? mean?
A: It means Penny should do the first move and start being romantic rather than to wait for his/her partner to be romantic.
Q: What does Penny for your thoughts mean?
A: I want to know your opinion, and I offer to give you a penny in payment.
This project is challenging and I’m not sure of how to finish it. What do you think I should do? A penny for your thoughts. (Help me solve this problem.
Q: What does Penny drop mean?
A: When "the penny drops", it means someone realizes something, usually after a period of being confused or not knowing something.
Q: What does "A Penny" mean?

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Penny wise and pound foolish
A: In the US we use this exact expression. I don't know of another one with the same meaning. You may say what it means though. 'Careful with small amounts of money and careless with large amounts.'

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Q: Penny:
It's just not fair, okay? They're bad people. It's not supposed to end happy for them, it's supposed to end happy for me.

Leonard Hofstadter:
Um, it did end happy for you; you're here with me.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Leonard Hofstadter:
Now this is getting a little hard to not take personally.

Oh, come on, don't make this about you.

Leonard Hofstadter:
Oh, I'm not; it's about you.

What do the last two lines mean?
A: hahaha I think they are flirting, Leo states that Penny now will have a happy ending because she’s with him, but penny jokes and ask him to stop taking it “personally”, I guess she’s being a difficult girl and don’t want to admit that she likes him, then Leo will flirt back saying “it’s about you”, I guess he’s trying to convince her that he likes her by saying that his happy ending is about her. Sorry if it sounds confusing.

well “don’t make this about you” can become a really rude phrase depending of your intonation or the way you say it ,but if you are joking or flirting with someone is fine. You can also say “not everything is about you” or if you want to sound sassy and smart you can use “the world doesn’t revolve around you”

Sorry you closed the chat that’s why I couldn’t answer down there haha
Q: Penny and Bernadette bought wedding dress on Amy’s secretly. Amy knew it and had been so depressed. Sheldon was worried about it and went to comfort her, but he struck back her feelings. They really must apologized to her, but she had not gotten over her bad mood. So Bernadette asked Amy to be the attendant of Bernadette about wedding as proof of friendship. Then Amy allow everything and his usual smile returned. Does this sound natural?
A: Penny and Bernadette bought wedding dress for Amy’s secretly. Amy knew it and became depressed. Sheldon was worried about her and went to comfort her, but he didn't understand her feelings. They all apologized to her, but she was still mad.So Bernadette asked Amy to be an attendant of Bernadette's wedding as proof of friendship. Then Amy was happy again and her
usual smile returned.
Q: What do you want?
Penny: Okay, look. Howard, I just want to apologize for some things that I have said. About you. I’ve been informed that you have feelings. And apparently, I have hurt them. So, I’m sorry. Howard.
Howard: Fine, you’re sorry. Good-bye.
Penny: So, you’re okay?
Howard: Hey, I’m a big boy. I’m not traumatized by some random comment from some random woman. I mean, get over yourself.
Penny: Okay. Well, bye.

What does “get over yourself” mean here?
I don’t think it means stop being self-conceited. It is very tricky.
A: Get over yourself = stop pretending like you’re more important than you actually are

It is used to (bluntly) tell someone to stop being arrogant
Q: Because Penny's husband died, she parenting her two children alone until they go to the college. Does this sound natural?
A: It would be more natural to say “she is raising her two children alone” instead of “parenting”
Q: Why did Penny say 280?
A: She meant leaving the car window a tiny bit open to allow air/oxygen in

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