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    2. personification means to describe objects with human traits. "The computer is thinking". Computers do not really think but humans do. "That pizza is calling me". Pizza don't talk, but it might've make you hungry

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    2. Personification is when you give an inanimate object animate abilities. 'The bin jumped' 'The red light seemed to be staring at me' A metaphor is saying something/someone is literally something when it's not actually that thing. 'She was a lion' 'The snow is a white blanket' Imagery is when you say something in such a way, usually through good describing techniques, that the reader/listener can get an image of it in their mind. 'The dark house towered over us, it's shattered, sad looking windows seemed to stare at us in a silent plead for us to not step foot through its open door.' From that you should now have some image in your head of the house I described.

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