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Q: What does PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020 mean?
A: Does holiday time means big holiday?

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Q: -Whose PlayStation is this? -Mine -Do you play it often? -No I don’t but my brother does it’s ...
A: Grammatically correct: were, subjunctive mood 90% don’t know or care, so if you’re not taking a test, don’t worry about the “mood” modo subjuntivo in this example. It’s just for your information. It’s almost as if it were his. If I were the President, I would... If he were a teacher, he would... In your three choices, the first one is unnatural, in my opinion. The others are fine.
Q: can I say, "Just get my PlayStation back. I need it right now!"?
A: Yeah if someone stole from you or took it away from you, and you need help getting it back.
Q: I often play PlayStation when I was small does this sound natural?
A: I often played PlayStation when I was child.
Q: PlayStation does this sound natural?
A: You have to make the "L" sound more sharp for it to sound more natural
Q: PlayStation 2 does this sound natural?
A: I can understand what you're saying but an accent is there. If you're not too worried about the accent then this is perfect!

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