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    2. 3 and 4 were the wrong way round... 1. I would laugh off the criticism of my hairstyle because my hair grows quickly. 2. Programmes about gossip _or_ celebrities are most likely to make me doze off. 3. My parents usually see me off when I go on a journey by myself. 4. Of course not. It takes me a long time to do! "instantly" is probably a bit too fast. 😊🎶

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    2. Everything was nearly perfect! I would only suggest a few minor corrections in the last paragraph: Instead of “apprehend his life,” say “take back control of his life.” The verb “apprehend” is not really used anymore in common speech. Its most common usage means “to arrest,” as in the police taking somebody into custody. Instead of saying “It’s skilled based training,” say “It includes skilled based training.” This is because the verb “to be” is very short in length and doesn’t create a strong enough effect on the reader. Next, when you use “For example” in front of a list, always start a new sentence. So that would be: “...It includes skill-based training. For example, ...” When you say eg, spell it with periods like this: e.g. The last correction I would make is “a study conducted 69 times.” This sounds rather strange, because when people talk about studies in writing, they never write how many times the study was conducted. Instead, just say “a study with repeated trials” (1 trial = 1 conducting of study). These are the corrections I would make and they are mostly stylistic. So good job on this!

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