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    2. "And I agree with him" "Now, parents try too much to make their children the best." "Of strict discipline" "Remind them about.." "I believe that this is wrong." "With these methods, the parents..." "School is not a competition" "Guide to life" "How to cope" "Well being of their child" "They are easily swayed by suggestions" "Help your child " "It is necessary " "Many of us meet thoughtless and reckless people" "Of high parents custody" "Your child to be more concentrated and not have negative emotions" "Four year old boy" "His small table was.." "Say to me" "Wrong sized shoes" "And ready to make discoveries " "Fantastic palette of colours " "The back to school period is quite a difficult time." "And tackle them all year" "Do not forget that this time of year is lovely in it's own way." Hope these corrections helped 😁

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    2. It is generally believed that the start of the school year is still like being on holiday (I didn't really understand your sentence, so I tried to guess what you meant.) At first sight this statement seems to be true. But we have to admit that it is a difficult time too. The author is of the opinion that it is really hard to return (to school) after a long break, and I agree with him. Sometimes it is a very big problem for the children and their parents. Let's begin with the fact that now people tend TO FOCUS too much ON MAKING their children the best. They are ready to DO THEIR homework for them, they create an atmosphere of strict discipline, remindING THEM about an infinite number of duties, etc. I believe that is wrong. In this way the parents deprive their children of liberty, responsibility and independence. School SHOULD not BE a competition, it is a guide to life. Children should learn how TO cope with challenges by themselves. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that children need support. Each parent is responsible for the well-being of his child. Children cannot resolve financial issues or issues of their SAFETY. They are easILY swayed by suggestion and they frequently are afraid of thingS. That is why it is not wrong TO help your children. It is normal and it is necessarY, But you should control yourself. Many of us meet UNSAVORY and reckless people. [Psychologists frequently say that it is a result a high parents` custody. -- sorry, I don't understand what you meant here ??.] The article also alleged THE necessity of modelling the classroom at home. The opinion of experts are cited and they confirm THUS IS TRUE I think that it is a good idea, because it can really help your child to be BETTER concentrate and TO not have ANXIETY at the sight of a workplace at school. But it is only partly true that a place to study cannot be used as a place for eating and doing other things. I taught A four-year OLD boy who was a very clever and WHO knew English and besides THAT, his small table was designed for studying, eating and playing as well. A further point to consider is an appeal to hold off ON BUYING new shoes in September and INSTEAD BUY SHOES THAT THEY CAN grow into. Because there are a lot of people IN SHOPS DURING THIS PERIOD and as the statistic says « four million children in the UK ARE wearing the wrong-sized shoes». And I fully share this view because I have some problems with my feet and doctors TOLD me that the cause of it WAS WEARING ILL-FITTING shoes. It is important to realize that if your child needS new shoes you CAN'T wait for the best time. In this case IT'S better if TO SPEND A GREAT DEAL OF time standing in queues for the sake of YOUR CHILD'S health and well-being. Although there are so many problems coming with autumn, there are a lot of good things too! We are well-rested, ready to make discoveries! Someone HAS BEEN MISSING THEIR COLLEAGUE and even missing WORK! You know, there are a lot of people who like autumn and think that it is the best season. Streets are decorated IN a delicious palette of colors…It is not so miserable, is it (not)? So all in all I believe that GOING back to school is quite A difficult time. Parents and children should be ready to solve some new problems and STRUGGLE with them during all year. But do not forget that this time is ALSO lovely in its own way.

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