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Q: What does RUBBISH mean?
A: Rubbish means trash or garbage. I think that is like 'lixo' in Portuguese.

Rubbish can also mean 'worthless' or 'useless'. It can also mean 'nonsense'. I think that is like 'estragado' or 'bobagem' in Portuguese.

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Q: What is the difference between RUBBISH and TRASH and GARBAGE ?
A: It's all the same but you're more likely to hear "rubbish" in British English and not likely to hear it in American English

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Q: What is between RUBBISH and GARBAGE and TRASH ?
Which is most widely used in the UK?
A: Trash and garbage are US words. We use "rubbish" in the UK.. ALL THREE words mean the same - any form of refuse.....

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