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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Raja
A: राजा - King
रानी - Queen
राजकुमार- Prince
राजकुमारी - Princess
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Raja

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Q: Raja Ampat or four kings is located in West Papua in Indonesia. Four kings means The four major islands are waigeo, misool , salawati , and batanta. Also there is a lot of small island too. Raja Ampat is like Ulleung Island in Korean because these island has natural beauty of nature.

Recently Raja Ampat is the famous place for vacation beside Bali and Lombok.

Raja Ampat is the right place if you like snorkeling or diving. Because the water are so clear and fish so numerous. Also you can see birds are flying in the sky like you are never imagine before.

When you get bored or after you snorkeling or diving you can see
festival, traditional food, also Raja ampat also has a good souvenir too.

Please correct me:) thank you before Does this sound natural?
A: After enjoying a day of water sports you can enjoy local festivities , or eat traditional dishes, or shop at the many souvenir shops in the area.

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