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    2. A republican who has been a member of the party for some time and held official positions over the years. As opposed to someone who was not involved actively in the party, but considers themselves republicans because they share some important ideology traits. For instance, McCain has been an active republican involved in the political scene, holding positions for a very long time. My neighbor is republican because he shares the views of the Republican Party and supports them during elections. But he has a job that is not related to the party. Trump has never served a role in the party, hence he is not an establishment republican.

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    2. At first the Republican delegates did not want to nominate Trump. Then they brought in this criminal Manafort to convince the delegates to accept Trump. This is a complex topic. Probably hard to understand it.

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    2. I hope this helps! :)

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    2. In American politics we have 2 major political parties (the Democratic Party and the Republican Party) as well as a few “3rd party” minor political parties. One of these minor political parties is the Libertarian Party. In the 2016 US Presidential election the Libertarian Party held elections and nominated Gary Johnson as presidential nominee and Mr. Weld as the vice-presidential nominee. They did not win the election, but if they did Gov. Johnson would have become the President of the United States and Mr. Weld would have become the Vice-President of the United States. “Ticket” is a slang-term for the two people who run together as president and vice-president nominees.

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    2. It means that regardless of the outcome or decision you have to talk about something. It’s visible and you have to talk about it even if nothing comes out of it. It can also be a way to say something slightly controversial without pushing for something to change. For example: “just as a matter of observation, the workflow here is slow and inefficient.” Or “ just as a matter of observation, he never shows up on time!”

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    2. Absent (non-present) meaningful compliance is that there was no compliance from the side of the DOJ, but rather only responses that cannot be considered a meaningful (Acceptable. Worthwhile) form of compliance. If we are to rephrase it, it would actually be: The law makers threatened to issue a subpoena. This subpoena will have its legality and the reason behind issuing it are to be based on the absence of meaningful compliance from the side of the DOJ to earlier requests of the law makers. Since that is what was considered the important thing according to the writer of the article regarding this subpoena, he named the subpoena “the absent meaningful compliance subpoena”. The example you mentioned is a bit off because you are double naming (giving a title) to the policy without need. If it is a policy which is called “save-illegals” then we don’t need to name it (give it a title) unofficially as “deport all illegals”. This is just a way of giving a name or a title unofficially to define something, just to emphasize the thing one thinks is important about it. Here is an example: A is a fat person. He reads about a miracle herb that would make one lose weight without changing their diet or exercising. The following conversation is between him and his friend B who has been trying to convince him for years to lose weight properly by exercising and eating less, but A always tries to find the easy way out, which are mostly scams and won’t work. A: I finally found the solution! I’ve bought this miracle herb, and it will make me lose weight in no time! This is plan “beach body in 30 days”! B: More like plan “sit on the couch and believe in things that won’t work” to me! Damn it, when will you ever learn that that kind of stuff is just a scam!

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