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Q:Reserving a room by phone
R: Hello, Spinach Hotel. How may I help you?
C: Hello, I’d like to book a room for the 2nd of July, please.
R: What type of room would you like?
C: I’d like a family room with 2 double beds. ‘Cause we are 2 adults and 2 kids.
R: Alright. Just for one night?
C: Yes. What’s the price/rate for the room?
R: That would be $400 per night.
C: Alright, Do you have any good room facing the sea? / with an ocean view? / with a nice view? with a view of the city?
R: One second, please. Yes, we have a nice sea-view room for you. / ocean view room
C: That sounds great! Is there an extra charge for that? / Do you charge extra?
R: No, all family rooms are in the same price.
C: Ok. I’ll take the room.
R: May I take your full name, please?/ What’s your complete name, please?
C: Yes, it’s Kiera Knightly.
R: How would you like to pay (for it)?
C: I can pay through credit card.
R: Alright. We require a credit card number for a deposit.
C: The number is 1234567. It’s Visa.
R: Thank you, Ma’am. A room with 2 double beds is booked for you.
C: Great, thanks a lot.
R: My pleasure. We'll see you in July.
does this sound natural?
A: That’s actually really natural!
Just a few things:

Maybe don’t say “cause” In a polite conversation. You could just say “We are 2 adults and 2 kids.”

Also, “full name” is much more common that “complete name”

Otherwise, that’s really good

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