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    2. It sounds quite natural, however the scientific term is "naturalistic observation" or "naturalistic observations" (both singular and plural are okay in this context) instead of "real observations" Also, this sentence only makes sense if both experiments and observations are correlated to something else that you mentioned (in another sentence). If you are just trying to say the experiments and the observations are correlated then you should use "...a strong correlation between the data gathered..." instead of "...a strong correlation with all the data gathered..."

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    2. Not really needed but you can drop the during in experiments during this year. Actually, I almost... sometimes* and some bakery stuff that probably may have contained some eggs and milk, but anyways, I am proud of myself. ...and to know how I feel without having eaten all of these things. But in general, I was prompted to abandon these products because of my love for animals and the ecological situation. What conclusions have I reached? The first thing I understood is that... I am just not sure about/I doubt about giving up salmon. ...vegetable milk and as far as I know adult organism(?) is not needed in milk. I in no case... Has too many negatives, it would be better if you were to change it. Most of the people may think that it isn't worth it, but actually, there are plenty of delicious foods that do not contain/include animal products. ...and my body says "Thanks" to me.

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