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Q: What does Revenue stream mean?
A: A revenue stream is a source of regular income of money.

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Q: What is the difference between Revenue
and Gain ?
A: revenue refers to an amount of money or currency that is a "gained". a gain can be more general.
I got stronger and gained the ability to jump high.
I hope to gain his trust.
Q: What is the difference between Revenue and Income ?
A: Income is net profit. What you get to spend or save.

Revenue doesn't include expenses like the cost to make the item or produce the service.

"We made a revenue of $100 on selling shirts. It costs $30 to make the shirts so our income is $70"

Income = revenue - expenses
Q: What is the difference between Revenue and Tax ?
A: 'Revenue' is the money a company or government has coming in each year. 'Tax' is the charge each citizen has to pay to keep the government running.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce Revenue was $139 Million, +98.2% YoY..
A: Revenue was one hundred thirty-nine million dollars, an increase of ninety eight point two percent year over year.

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