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    2. ‎Recently, I returned to Reykjavik. I worked as a volunteer, this time, catching fish for free distribution to hungry people (do you mean they liked fish or were hungry for food?) When I was a child I went many times to Reykjavik. I love this place and each year my family and I spent a beautiful summer there. I was so excited to return there that after receiving an invitation from friends I travelled there the next day! 'Iceland looked like a very dangerous PLACE (do you mean the whole planet or just Iceland) with many traps..These steaming volcanoes with the red lava set against a clear sky amidst the small fishing ports; it's just gorgeous. Well, now I'm older, I see more...I love this place more..' 'BY the BREAK of day, I was already awake and making my way to the harbour. I got on the Cutter...with my crew put off into deep water. Morning at the seaside is breathtaking. We fished for about 2 hours each day before returning to harbour where lots of grateful people were waiting to accept our catch. I like the feeling of helping someone...' So do I: good luck with your practice 😉

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