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    2. it means to think deeply about something. often for a long time or thinking about it in circles. (you can't stop thinking about it)

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    2. Si! Exacto!

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    2. to strut is really common. to pool is the game "pool" with the stick and balls on the green table at bars, so that's common if you're talking about it. cankle and tenet... not really. Haven't heard these before so I don't think they are common they are kind of odd to use. to thrive is very common for motivational contexts. fraught isn't that common either, I wouldn't really use it. Yearning is a very good word, because even if it's not as common as most words it has enough meaning behind it to be natural anyway. Eager is a very common word as well. So the good ones would be - to strut - to pool - to thrive - yearning - eager 👌🏽

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