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    2. A udon (noodles) chain restaurant, MARUGAME SEIMEN, in Japan offers a winter limited edition udon, AGEDASHI-UDON. Starting November 7th-9th, only this particular food item is sold for 50% OFF from 6:00 PM on, each day. 620 yen → 310 yen (Regular) 720 yen → 360 yen (Large, The amount of noodles is large, but the food on top is the same as regular.) * It is regular price until 6:00 PM even if you go there the 7th-9th.* When you order this item, please tell the staff member(s) the following two things: Size: Regular or Large (Nami or Dai) Soup: Standard soup or Thick sauce (Kake or Bukkake) AGEDASHI-UDON includes several kinds of deep-fried foods, such as: chicken, radish, calot, and taro. (These are soaked in the soup or covered with the sauce) Chopped green onion and grained ginger are FREE to take, with purchase of meal. this sounds much better I hoped this helps (うどんはおいしいですか)

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