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    2. Dear, 〇〇 Thank you for your reply. I fully thought about this. I want you to go ahead with the SPF testing. But I can’t delay the sale, so I would definitely want to conduct the examination in mid-October. I would like you to archive my samples for testing beginning the week of October 13-20. Please provide me the date of testing when it nears. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask through my email address below. Best Regards, △△

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    2. Overall this makes sense, and you would be understood easily, but there are some things that sound a little odd. Looking into countable and uncountable nouns may help you. Countable nouns include: government, student, fruit, and pet. Uncountable nouns (aka mass nouns) include: information, water, cheese, wood, cowardice, and juice. If you think about it, it is more unclear how much there is of uncountable nouns. Uncountable nouns are not typically made plural. I know I never use the plural form of "sunscreen", personally, (I think there is a plural form, it just isn't used.) I think sunscreen is slightly more uncountable since it has to be in a bottle to count. This would make your first sentence "There are many kinds of sunscreen in our store." A lot of times when using "many kinds of" or "types of" either plural or singular work, and native speakers just go with what sounds better. So, it doesn't matter too much, you'll still be understood. As long as the word has a plural form (is countable), it won't sound too strange. "Inflammation" is also uncountable. You would have to use some sort of measuring device to know how much there is. You can't just outright count it. A more natural sounding sentence would be "But effective ones often cause some inflammation." Here are some more natural sounding sentences to consider: She had 5 coffees. She ordered three cokes at McDonald's. She bought a 6-pack of beer at the supermarket She had 5 cups of coffee She likes many types of coffee. He listens to different types of music. She put on two entire bottles of sunscreen. There are many different kinds of lotion. There are many types of cowardice. There are many different breeds of dog. We stock sunscreen in our store. There are 5 bottles of sunscreen. She wears a lot of makeup. She has too many pieces of furniture. Some sentences that do NOT sound natural. There are 5 sunscreens. (mass/uncountable noun) She has a lot of confidences. (mass noun (no plural form)) She has too many furnitures. (mass noun (furniture has no plural form)) She writes many types of sentence. (singular sounds strange) Going back to the sentence about inflammation, the word "stimulus" doesn't quite work here. I honestly don't know all the ways this word can be used, but this doesn't sound natural. I don't typically use this word, and it isn't ever really used in speech or informal writing. (The only time I use this word is in biology class to say something like "animals respond to stimuli.") If you really want to portray the reason why the inflammation occurs, you could say: "But effective ones often cause some inflammation because they contain stronger chemicals." We also tend to say "I am going for a walk." It emphasizes that the activity is about walking and not going from point A to B. When you use "to," there should be an indication of where you will be going. For example: "I am walking from my house to the supermarket." This would make your sentence: "but if you're just going for a walk in the city,..." ("a city" is fine but I tend to say "the".) The beginning explanation of SPF is slightly awkward because "effect" is vague. Correction could simply be "It shows how effective each item is at protecting skin from sun damage." (You could be more technical in your explanation, if you want.) Once the "effect" is understood, you can go on saying more effective, less effective, and etc. Again, your English is very good here, and this is just some fine tuning. I hope this explanation is helpful. I am sorry it is so long.

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