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    2. Scandinavia = Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland (Iceland isn't always considered a part of Scandinavia) Scandinavian = relating to Scandinavia

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    2. I am fascinated with it, looking through the 'Dear Homes' while having a cup of coffee. I value a family's dining time and I like the one from the Scandinavian plates. I'm planning to get one of them to enjoy in Spring. They are full of happiness, it makes me feel happy. I am,thinking 'Dear Homes' is some kind of magazine.

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    2. おはよう!☀️ お久しぶりね 😊 “Trolls” What personality traits do internet trolls have? I’ll leave it to a psychological analyst, but I think they are unhappy, with low self-esteem and insecure, but somewhat clever because they know very well how to upset somebody, and derive pleasure from the sufferings of other people. They may appear to be peculiar to the SNS world, but they aren't. They could be anywhere just looking normal in society. However, once they put on masks - being anonymous on SNS - they behave as they really are. Don’t feed trolls. Just ignore them, it is the best thing to do. At first, I googled images for a troll, a creature in Scandinavian folklore, but the “online trolls” interfered with my google search, thus it became this topic. a psychological analyst are: > are the SNS world but they aren't looking normal in society it is the best thing to do. in Scandinavian folklore thus it became this topic. For SNS, we usually say "social media". I can explain why I have made these changes if you'd like more details.

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