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Q: What is the difference between 1. Sharri is the person who I talked to and 2. The woman is somebody I worked with ?
A: Those are good questions! :)

To answer the first question, yes you do use “who” if you say “a person”. To be more clear, you would use “who” if you say a/the/this/that/those before person/people.

“She is a person who you can trust.”
“That is the person who I spoke to yesterday”
“He is that person who I fell in love with.”
“I know those people who you have been visiting.”

To answer the second question, you would not use “who” for the sentence “the woman is somebody I worked with”. Even though you say “the woman”, it is at the start of the sentence. You still use the word “somebody” later in the sentence, so you would not use “who” after it.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions!

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