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Q: What does She is always bucking about her glorious past.这里的 buck是吹嘘的意思吗?
She always bucks her rich life.吗? mean?
A: Yes . Here buck means bragging(吹牛).
Q: What does Например : She sees или She see в чем разница
Например : We sees или see? mean?
She sees or she see ,
what is the difference?
We sees or see?

Answer is : We see, she sees.
Q: What does ​‎ She is exempt from sex discrimination laws. mean?
A: The gender discrimination laws do not apply to her.
Q: What does “ She peered through the door” mean?
A: Looking through a small gap in a door
Q: What does “ She fed him again at suppertime” mean?
A: She gave him food again in the evening.

Example sentences using "She"

Q: Please show me example sentences with I were / She were / It were.
A: This is a conditional tense.
For example, in French, Si j'étais un papillon, je serais heureux.

So you would say, If I were a butterfly, I would be happy.
If she were there, she would have known.
I would not have done that if it weren't for those rude kids.

Synonyms of "She" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between #1 She learnt to play tennis to be a rich girl. and #2 She learnt to play tennis in order to be a rich girl. ?
A: It is the same meaning.

"in order to be" emphasizes a purpose or a reason for the action.

I will save money in order to buy a car.
(I will save money to buy a car.)

In order to be a better student, I will study more.
(To be a better student, I will study more.)

I will drink coffee in order to stay awake.
(I will drink coffee to stay awake.)
Q: What is the difference between #1 She's way better at this. and #2 She's much better at this. ?
A: They mean the same. #2 is more formal.
Q: What is the difference between #1 She quit cursing the French and #2 She stops cursing the French ?

Quit is usually used when you stop a habit and never do it again. Quit is more permanent.

Stop could mean that, but usually you can start again after stopping.
Q: What is the difference between #1 She's such an urban girl and #2 She's such an uptown girl ?
A: Urban refers to more of a populated area. Uptown is usually seen as smaller, like a suburban area.
Q: What is the difference between A She fell out of a chair since she was drunk.
and B She fell off a chair since she was drunk.
A: There's no difference.

Translations of "She"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? さっき、1歳の娘がベランダにあった園芸用のシャベルを手に持っていました。しばらくすると部屋に入り「シャベル」と言って私に受け取るように要求してきました。

She knows the word shovel and it's amazing.

She knows the shovel and it's amazing.


A: 頑張って!流暢さの旅は長いけどできるだけ勉強したら上達できます。
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 이간질하다

She drove a wedge between their relationship.(
A: 미국에서 “She drove a wedge between us” 더 자연스러워요. A wedge can split one thing into two things. But it’s not natural to say, “in between our relationship,” as the relationship itself can’t be divided in that way. But maybe, it’s just me!🤭
Q: How do you say this in English (US)?
A:  She has been calling me for several days now.  I  think she’s interested in me.

B: Are you sure? I think she already has a boyfriend.

A: How do you know?
(Or, How do you know that?)
A: @Whykiki i remeber you too, thank you for all your help!😀
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 彼女はそのアイデアを思いつくのに4時間を費やした。 She spent four hours coming up with that idea. (natural?)
A: Yeah that's fine

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Q: Does“ She is your responsibility! ”means
“You have to protect her”?

Is this correct?
A: Yes, and make sure she is taken care of. And if anything happens it's you that gets the consequences
Q: 🌐 She emigrated from her home to work in England where she later married and made her home.
Does this sound natural?
A: "Her" sounded as if it had gained an extra syllable "hyer".
Q: 🎇 She picked this colour for the walls, and toned it down with white to produce the shade she wanted, and the result is admirable.
Does this sound natural?
A: Picked needs a slightly shorter "I" sound. It almost sounded like peeked/peaked. However, you're so good, I'll let you off this time!
Q: 🔘 She is a very pleasant girl who gets on with everybody and we are very proud of her.
Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: 1☆ She's two months pregnant.

2☆ She's expecting a baby. Does this sound natural?
A: You can even say "She's been pregnant for two months." (same meaning as #1)

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