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    2. I'm going to talk about my favorite movie, STAR WARS because I would like you to be interested in the world of STAR WARS. Do you know anything about STAR WARS? STAR WARS consists of eight episodes now. In this presentation, I’m going to talk to you about two things. First, the story of the STAR WARS series. Second, How a character loved their family. The first episode was made by George Lucas in 1977. The episode's name is STAR WARS episode IV -A NEW HOPE-. Luke Skywalker is the main character in this episode. He was a normal human, but his life changed because he met R2-D2. R2-D2 had the plans to Galactic Empire's secret weapon, the Death Star. Also, Luke knows that his father was killed by Darth Vader in the Galactic Empire. He has magical powers that handle the force. He uses the Light Saver. Then, He battles Galactic Empire for his father. Do you have any important humans in your life like your family, your friend, or your girlfriend? Anakin Skywalker has his partner, Padme Amidala in STAR WARS episode Ⅲ. One day, he had a dream that Padme died while giving birth. He felt uneasy, and thought about helping his wife. I can’t talk to you about the story beyond this because I'll spoil it. He changes someone's life to help her. I think that a human who help his significant other is cool, and I want to be like him. In conclusion, I enjoyed talking about my favorite movie, STAR WARS. Please watch STAR WARS, and thank you for reading!

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    2. He answered abrasively to the interviewer’s mean questions. I spent a good amount of time to solve this math question. The generator requires any amount of fuel to generate enough electricity. Anakin Skywalker was apprenticed to Obi-wan Kenobi. It is still arguable to build more nuclear power plants, but it is promising energy resource.

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