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    2. Here you go. This is to help you.

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    2. I almost choked. It’s pronounced and stressed like this: i ALLmost CHOKT

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    2. Lmao: lauging my a*s off Ttyl: talk to you later Idky: Idk you Lmfao: laughing my f*ck*ng a*s off Sorry for the bad words V

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    2. Lit - awesome Boi - just a saying that can be used towards girls and guys for many things Example: "ooh boi get it" "Boi. I'm about to slap you"

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    2. Bail out- salirse de un compromiso sin avisar "he bailed out on us" Feeling blue- sentirse aguaitado "I'm feeling blue today" Couch potato - olgasan "after graduating, he's been a couch potato" To cram- estudiar al último momento "I didn't study so I'm cramming the night before the exam" To crash- caer de cansancio "after cramming, I was so tired I crashed when I got home" Down to earth - ser modesto "she's so down to earth" For real? - de verdad? To give the cold shoulder- darle las espalda a alguien (más o menos) "he was mad at his friend so he gave him the cold shoulder all morning" Hyped- estar excitado (también eventos o fiestas pueden estar hyped) "the party was hyped" Hang out- juntarse con amigos o conocidos "let's hang out after school" Knocked up- estar embarazada "he knocked her up" Knock- "knock it/him down" bajarle los humos a alguien o a algo "knock him down." Lighten up- se lo dicen a alguien que está enojado, dandole a entender que quieren que se le pase el genio "dude, lighten up will ya? It was a joke." Piece of cake- algo es muy fácil "this homework is a piece of cake" Pig out- comer demasiado "we went to the buffet and pigged out" Plead the fifth- no quieres decir nada. ( esto es usado en UUEE por la quinta ley del Bill of Rights que proteje el derecho de no incriminarse a si solo) "I pled the fifth when my mom asked who drank her coco water" Screw up- meter la pata "her boss is mad because she screwed up" Sweet- algo bueno que pasó. O algo que esta muy bonito. "That's a sweet ride." Tight- describe que tan cerca está una competencia o también se usa para decir que algo está muy bien. Puede ser intercambiado con sweet. "It's a very tight competition" Trashed - típicamente usado para describir algo o alguien que está echo un desastre. "She was so drunk, she was trashed when she went home" Wrap it up- terminar algo. "Let's wrap this up people!" Spill the beans- soltar la sopa "spill the beans. Who went home trashed last night?"

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