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Q: In the SpongeBob SquarePants, why does the sign on the door of the bathroom in Krusty Krab say "The heads", instead of "bathroom" or "restroom"?
A: I actually wasn’t sure so I looked it up... In the days of sailing ships, the toilet/restroom was located at the front of the ship, or the “head” of the ship. So now, sailors refer to the toilet/restroom as the “head.” Excuse me, I gonna go hit the head.
Q: SpongeBob: Don't look! It's not ready. Mrs. Puff: It's so simple, only 10 words! "What I learned ...
A: This word is well known because of a BBC tv show called 'Blankety Blank'. Players are given a sentence where one or more words are omitted and replaced by "blank' and they have to guess the missing words. This is a place holder word where the speaker is making clear something is being left out that they do not want to say. I don't know if you would find "blankity" in a dictionary but you can read about the tv show on Wikipedia.
Q: I've always heard to SpongeBob to said "Kraby party" insted of "Kraby Burger" or something like, What does mean "Party" in this case?
A: A "patty" is the American word for the meat in a burger
Q: SpongeBob uses "barnacle " instead of f-word or shit. does this sound natural?
A: Sounds natural but you can say " spongebob uses the word "barnacle" ........ (the rest of the sentence was good)

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