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    2. Well for Sikhs I believe this is just a polite way of saying “Hello” or “How are you?” to other Sikhs. In English when we meet people we would probably say “Hello. How are you?” and they’ll probably reply and ask you it back so you can say “I’m fine” or “I’m good”

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    2. Hello

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    2. なるほど。 I read this interesting blog: In England I haven't heard "Ceylon five kinds" and I can find no reference to it. So I would say 「セイロンファイブカインズ (Ceylon Five Kinds)」because this is what they are called in Japan. "A specialty of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), is its five kinds of tea: Uva, Dimbla, Nuwara Elliya, Kandy, and Ruhuna. These are called 「セイロンファイブカインズ (Ceylon Five Kinds)」."

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    2. Inaugural means the beginning of a period of time, usually used when talking about a company, institution, or an elected official of the government's time in office. It can also mean "the first of." Graduates are people who have graduated from something, like how students graduate high school and move on to college. To graduate means to complete a course of study in something and be officially said to have finished with their studies and allowed to move on. So the whole sentence means that the students of Mr. Cui's doctorate program are the first group of students to have ever completed his course of study and complete it, which makes them the inaugural class of graduates. Hope this is easy to understand.

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    2. Christchurch mosque shootings on March 15th claimed fifty lives and the death toll of Sri Lanka Easter bombings has crossed three hundred. (I would like to express my deepest sympathy / My heartfelt condolences go out) to the victims of these brutal attacks, both of which are (regarded as a form of religious bigotry / thought to have religious motives). >> “Indiscriminate terrorisms” - there is no such thing as “discriminate terrorism”, so just “Terrorism”: Terrorism is despicable. In many cases religions are supposed to have originated as a means of salvation, (should have tolerance to all the people —> sorry, I don’t know how to connect this to the previous part of this sentence). >> Fundamentalism is by definition the strictest interpretation of the scripture possible, so it cannot be extreme. Fundamentalism = religious extremism = rigid and exclusive. Of course the principles of faith are very important*, but fundamentalism can be dangerous and harmful. * of course the problem is that at least in the case of Islam, it’s principles of jihad are very unambiguous, and what fundamentalists did was exactly what their books (Quran and Hadith) instruct them to do. I never understood how can one believe that a certain book was dictated by God (as Muslims believe about Quran) and at the same time feel free to not take some passages seriously?! I think there is absolutely no intellectually respectable way to combine the “principles of faith” of Islam with “tolerance for all creeds”. Japan is a country where religious tolerance is high. I think this must be due to (achievements/the work) of three (heroes / eminent scholars / luminaries) around four centuries ago.

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