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    2. (1) Yes, "enthused" here means "said enthusiastically." When quoting someone the verb comes first sometimes. It's a stylistic choice. "Vogue magazine enthused in 1935" is also fine. (2) Vogue magazine is giving advice (counsel). The advice is to wear jeans along with a hat, and also to have an attitude of bravado. "Combine" means the jeans and hat look nice together. Bravado also makes the whole combination look better. You can "put on" an attitude, so it is part of your appearance.

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    2. You're very welcome. Of course I can explain. ^ ^ "a great free air of Bravado" An "air" of something means that it possesses a certain feeling or aura. For example: "She has an air of sophistication." in this sentence it just means the girl seems sophisticated. "A great air" then is the same thing but the word "great" is emphasising "air". It means that the aura is very noticeable or strong. "free" is also modifying "air". So not only is the aura/mood strong, it also a liberating mood, or is free-flowing, as in it is easily perceptible. "Bravado" comes from Spanish, it means "bold". Bravado is a very tough sounding word, it gives the sense of a ruggedness. It means someone is confident, outgoing, and assertive. This kind of personality is easily associated with the frontier because everyone was travelling into unknown territory and they had to be tough in previously undeveloped areas. "chic" is a fashion term. is just means something is fashionable or cool. So any noun with chic after it just means that thing, but cool. Made up example: "Criminal chic" Since criminals often wear orange or black and white stripes, this might mean that someone is pulling off those kinds of looks in a fashionable way. It can be kind of humorous in English to take a word that no one would ever use for fashion and attach chic onto the back. Example: A: How do you like my outfit? B: Looks like garbage bag chic. When the passage says "Western chic" they mean the old frontier look, but styled in a fashionable way that can be bought by consumers. So, any thing about the Western frontier that is perceived as tasteful.

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