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Q: What does Sue mean?
A: could be either a woman's name (short for Susan); Sue Smith

or you probably mean the verb TO SUE (someone).
when you are trying to get money from someone, and there are lawyers and a court involved.

My neighbor hit my car and he won't pay me. I'm going to have to SUE HIM in court, for the money.
Q: What does Sue me mean?
A: It just means figuratively to bring a law suit against me. It is said as a joking challenge. "If you don't like what I am doing, you have the option of filing a law suit and taking me to court." It doesn't mean to judge me. It means try to stop me or try to punish me for this, I don't care and will do it again."
"You shouldn't wear that Trump shirt to the party." Response - "I don't care. I'm wearing it. What are they going to do, sue me?"
In your clip of "Better Call Saul", they are lawyers literally talking a lawsuit. He does actually mean that the other law firm will sue him in court.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Sue me.
A: What are you going to do about it...sue me?

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Q: What is the difference between Sue and Lawsuit ?
A: “To sue” is a verb, “lawsuit” is a noun.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce Sue.
Q: Sue gets up... Does this sound natural?
A: Pretty Good!!

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