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    2. When you travel to Japan, I recommend you try the Chicken Tartar burger at McDonald's. It is one of the original, limited-time burgers offered in the Japanese market beginning in February 2018. Honestly, I feel that most burgers from McDonald's do not taste good. I find these two burgers to be delicious though. They're made with juicy, deep-fried chicken, cabbage and a higher quality bun in comparison to their other burgers. I do not understand how the pricing is the same when the Chicken Tartar is essentially the Chicken Tatsuta with added sauce. They are both available for 380yen including 8% tax. The Chicken Tatsuta is delicious but I prefer the Chicken Tartar because sauce makes it more satisfying. ====== A few things to note: -if the price you pay is 380 yen, there is no need to mention that it includes an 8% tax; if the price is 380 yen + 8% tax (additional) then it is okay to mention the tax rate -in the second paragraph, I do not mention the burger names because it is implied that I am speaking about the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph -the last sentence I changed "filling" to "satisfying" because I did not understand the message you were trying to convey; it is unlikely that adding a sauce will make a food more "filling" as that is typically used when you talk about quantity of food

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