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    2. ‎Studying English abroad is a popular (choice) and (many students) feel it is (necessary) to do it before they graduate. Not (just) students but office workers also need English proficiency. Long-term study Due to the high cost of living in the UK, some students choose to study English in the Philippines instead. But nowadays Students aged from 18-30 years old can apply for a working holiday visa. If approved, they are able to both work and study simultaneously . So more and more students are choosing to go to the UK. Short-term study Korean people can stay in the UK without a visa for 6 months. So if they want to study for a short-term, it would be perfect for them to select the UK to study and spend their holiday at the same time. In Korea, it is quite popular to live like the locals in that country for a month. It would be nice for them to study English during the day and enjoy themselves after that. There are some popular Youtubers. If they produce such as V.logue with TLG, It will be very influential.

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