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Q: What does TOEICの勉強をしているのですが、文章にスラッシュを入れる問題で何がどういう理由でどこにスラッシュが入るのか全く理解できません……。法則等ありましたら教えて頂きたいです。 mean?



英文には S(主語)と V(動詞)が最低ひとつずつあ
り,それにプラスアルファが付いています。まず前から 「何がどうだ」という主語と述語部分を押さえ,その プラスアルファの説明を語句のかたまりごとに,前から
語句のかたまりからなる意味の切れ目は,主語・動詞 の後,前置詞・接続詞・不定詞・現在分詞・過去分詞 の前にあるのが基本ですが,修飾語の長さで,臨機応 変に切れ目を変えるとよいでしょう。(参考:1 回の目 の動きで捉えられる語数は 6 語と言われています)
本書に出てくるさまざまな文も例にして,基本構文を 押さえ,意味の切れ目だと思われるところにスラッシュ を入れて,前から読み下す練習をしていきましょう(た だし本番では日本語に訳さず,英語のまま読み下して ください)。

Q: What does TOEIC mean?
A: Test of English for International Communication
Q: What does I have a TOEIC 800 score.
This score is very latest one and I tool it a week ago.

what does the ''took'' mean?
or misstake of took? mean?
A: Yeah it can be interpreted a few ways, but it's correct.

take (took is past tense)
"22 [+ object] : to complete (a test or exam)
If you fail the first time, you have to take the test again."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with TOEIC.
A: I'm studying for the TOEIC next year.

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Q: What is the difference between TOEIC eTSbS TEST04 Q. Most of the board members approved the business proposal for next year, although ------- expressed concerns about the budget. 1) one another 2) each other 3) other 4) one and why the answer is “one” not “other”? ?
A: I would've said it's 'others.' Is that not an option?

- By the way, if you have Whatsapp and would like help with your English, we can exchange information! (´• ᴗ •̥`✿)
Q: What is the difference between I definitely make myself finish my TOEIC practice test review today ! and I definitely made myself finish my TOEIC practice test review today ! ?
A: First one is wrong, it needs to either be "I definitely will make myself finish" for the future tense, or it needs to be "I'm definitely making myself finish" for the present tense.

Note that, because you've included the "definitely", the second "I'm definitely making myself finish" sounds more like you want to make yourself finish (絶対終わったい) than that you're currently making yourself finish (終わっています), but it can mean either.

The last sentence, "I definitely made myself finish", is correct for the past tense. You can only say that after you'd completed the practice test.
Q: What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL ?
A: toeic is tests workplace english
toefl is tested for english for classroom i.e. university/ college

Q: What is the difference between He challenged the TOEIC test. and He took on the TOEIC test. ?
A: For a test you would only say “He took on the TOEIC test” challenged is used more for like fighting or competing against someone like “I challenged him in wrestling”

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? TOEIC 公式問題集5にて(PART6,131-134,l4-5)”We will be taking reservations...”との文があり、訳が「当社は予約を受け付けています」となっていたのですが、これは能動態の文だから「当社が予約を取っています」という訳になるのではないでしょうか?(つまり受動態の訳にはならないはずということです。)そうなるとどうしてその公式の訳が出てくるのかが分からなくなってきます。なぜそうなるのか教えてくれると嬉しいです。お願いします。
A: ”We will be taking reservations...”も能動態(未来進行形)です。

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? TOEICを受けるため、勉強しています
A: To pass TOEIC, I am studying.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? 世界に先駆けて、新たな試みとして、日本で今年の5月よりTOEICの試験内容が変更される
A: For the first time anywhere in the world, a new attempt is being made in Japan, to change the contents of the TOEIC, from May this year.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? TOEICのスコアが上がりました
A: the TOEIC score was raised.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? TOEICで高得点を取りたい為に英語を勉強する訳ではなく、話せる様になりたいから英語を勉強するのだ。そうしないと本末転倒だ。
A: "I want to learn English so that I can speak it, not just so that I can get a high score on the TOEIC. What's the point of passing the test if I can't speak English?" 本末転倒という表現は英語にないと思います。

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Q: I am taking TOEIC exam next time. does this sound natural?
A: I will take TOEIC exam next time.
Q: TOEIC test has only reading teat and listening test. That is why I started to study EIKEN test this year, because EIKEN test has not only reading test and listening test but also writing test and speaking test. does this sound natural?
A: The TOEIC test has only a reading test and listening test. This why I have started to study for the EIKEN test this year. The EIKEN test has not only a reading test and listening test but also a writing and speaking one too.
Q: I will take a TOEIC test to see how much my current English proficiency is

今の自分の英語力がどのくらいなのか確認するためにTOEICのテストを受けようと思います does this sound natural?
A: I will take the TOEIC test to see how proficient I am in English.
Q: Can I say "I'm going to take the TOEIC test" when I decided to take the TOEIC test but I haven't applied?
A: @Hallen: You can say that, but it will be better to say "I plan on taking the TOEIC test."
Q: I think the most important in TOEIC test is "speaking" section. does this sound natural?
A: I think the most important part of the TOEIC Test is the "speaking" section.


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