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    2. Today I'm going to talk about 3 places that I want to visit. First is London The best time to travel to London is in spring which is from April to June and fall which is from September to November when it's usually warm and dry. BEST PLACES TO VISIT I'd like to go see the Tower Bridge, it crosses the river Thames. you can take a boat ride that goes under the Tower Bridge for a full of experience I'd also want to visit Buckingham Palace and after that, I'd like to go to London's eye from which you can see the whole city and enjoy the beautiful view. Everything about London is great except for the weather. It is raining most of the time but that's why you should always bring an umbrella when going out. Second, Korea A good season to visit Korea would be autumn. The weather is stable, not too hot and not cold. Another time would be April and May but you may have to wear a jumper or a coat. As you may know, the Cherry blossom is a flowering tree like the Japanese Sakura. It only blooms for two weeks during March and April, so you must get there on time in order to see it. Couples, families, and even friends then go outside and take pictures under the trees. Generally, Korea is the most beautiful at this time. In the city Seoul there are plenty of things to do such as having a picnic at the Han river, Have the time of your life at Lotte World, and going to festivals which organized too. such as Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival and the Taean International Tulip Festival. The summer would not a good time to visit. During June to September There's almost nothing you can do. During this season people just work and stay home due to hot weather and humidity. The last place that I'd like to go to is LA. Los Angeles is one of The best places to go to. The best time to visit would probably be during the summer, October and November in my opinion. It is very hot during the summer. If you like heat and sun, then summer is OK. It starts to get cooler in the fall, though they still have temperatures from the 70s to the 80s. From July to October people usualy go to the beach, go running, surfing, swimming. There is also plenty of good food to eat in Los Angles due it having a very diverse ethnic groups. There is food from Korea, China, Mexico, France, Japan, Brazil, Germany, and Vietnam You name it they have it. One of the bad things would be the traffic and the air pollution as it’s a crowded city with 15 million people and a lot of people have two cars.

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