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    2. Tetta Sugimoto / Kozi Nakahara Born on 21 July, 1965 Kanagawa Growing up, Tetta Sugimoto was in motorcycle gang when he was a student, and it was common for members of different gangs to get into occasional fights. Yoshiyuki, a famous singer whom he admired greatly, had happened to be nearby one day and was able to settle a dispute between Sugimoto and a rival group near Yokohama Station's entrance. After that experience, he decided to join the world of show business through advertisement. He now appears in many dramas and movies such as HERO and ひかりごけ. Hiroko Yakushimaru / Hatsumi Nakahara Born on 9 June, 1964 Tokyo Hiroko Yakushimaru is a famous Japanese singer and actress. In 1978, at the age of 13, she made her acting debut starring as a heroin of 野生の証明 (Kine note). In 1986, she won the "Japanese Academy Award for Best Actress” for her role as Shizuka Mita in Wの悲劇 (Murder at Mt Fuji). After her many box office successes, during the 1990’s her appearances on TV dramas gradually increased. She now appears regularly in many hit TV dramas such as ど根性ガエル, and movies like 8年越しの花嫁 奇跡の実話, set to release this December. Recently she has been playing the role of a mother-like figure which suits her well, though people who love her work appreciate her ability to play a wide variety of roles and genres. In addition to her impressive list of big screen roles she also is an accomplished singer, with number one singles such as セーラー服と機関銃, as well as many albums and sound track songs. I hope this helps〜

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