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    2. Storms with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail ☁⚡

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    2. Thunder has more dramatic than other weather. intense lightning causes death or serious injury to about 500 people each year in the United States. When the clouds roll up, leisurely golfers become the most attractive target of lightning. And buildings are also damaged by lightning. US power companies lose more than $ 100 million a year because of the storm. But researchers in the United States and Japan are planning to fight back. They tested methods to neutralize the power of thunderstorms in lab tests and they would face real storms this winter, appearing with laser arsenal. These lasers will be used to launch lightning by pointing up to the sky before lightning can attack. The idea of ​​scattering light from storm clouds is not new. In the early 1960s, researchers tried using rockets to set up an easy discharge path to neutralize the energy produced by lightning. This technique exists today in a Florida test site run by the University of Florida, supported by the Electric Energy Research Institute (EPRI). EPRI, located in California and funded by power companies, is considering ways to protect the grid from lightning strikes. "We can lead lightning to where we want it to use rockets." Ralph Bernstein, leader of lightning projects at EPRI said. The missile website can provide accurate measurements of lightning voltage and allow engineers to check how the electrical equipment suffers. I hope it'll help you !!

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