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    2. I will go in a while

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    2. Hi again! I understand you, but there are a few things here that sound unnatural. Here's how I would write it: One of this restaurant's specialties is slightly roasted raw chicken, cooked almost rare. In Japanese, it is called Tori (chicken) Tataki. ("specialty" or "specialty dish" is a useful phrase for talking about a restaurant's best dish. Some restaurants also have a "special" or "daily special" that is something other than what's on the regular menu, but typically changes from day to day.) (Also, you don't need to say "chicken meat" in English. Just "chicken" sounds natural.) They use a type of chicken which is locally grown in Japan. It is a high quality chicken that is stored in a way so that it stays fresh, so it is safe to eat rare. However, eating rare meat involves a certain amount of risk. As a preventative measure, they ask that certain customers refrain from doing so, such as those who are not in good health, children, elderly persons, and pregnant women. They also advise customers to consume it within 30 minutes of serving. ("just in case" is great, but "as a preventative measure" sounds more formal and business-like. It's the kind of language people use when writing about medical topics.) Thank you for your cooperation. (This is a perfect sentence, but it sounds like something the restaurant would say to its guests, rather than someone who is writing an article about the restaurant.)

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    2. ・Nintendo and san-x official licensed product. ・This polycarbonate case will protect your device from scratches and dirt even while playing. ・Provides protection while allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. ・Caution:Fits Nintendo "NEW" 3DS XL only! There are different versions of Nintendo. ・・Device not included. Japanese manual only PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BELOW--- "NEW3DS XL" is NOT the same as "3DS XL". "new3DS XL" Differences: --- Only 1 Button "Home" below the Bottom Screen --- "Start" & " Select" buttons are on the right side of the Bottom Screen --- Extra Buttons ( C-Stick, ZL, ZR) --- Volume Adjuster Location ( Left Side of Top Screen Panel)

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    2. Not sure that "old" in first sentence is what you want. If the pieces are coming out of a kiln, they are not old. Perhaps you mean "traditional" or "old-style" to describe this form of ceramics? Traditional would fit best. In the second sentence, remove "to" before reddish. However, this sentence is still not clear. Third sentence "...he refused because the clay was not good enough."

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