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    2. I don’t have that good a microphone.

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    2. There is someone who I want to introduce to everyone, and that is my friend, Hisasue Toshihiro. His blood type is "A", and he is honest and has forethought like other people whose blood type is "A". He was worried about his star sign and zodiac sign, because he is Virgo and Rabbit, which both are cute, unlike the manliness of boys. I have the same combination, so I can understand why he worries about it. He has a habit of touching his hair when he thinks about something. His favorite subject is English, as he wants to communicate with many people abroad. His hometown is Fukuoka, which is famous for Mentaiko, Tonkotsu ramen, but he lives in Kobe now. During weekends he likes to read. He's into books like "One Piece", "Kingdom", "Neverland Of Promise". When he has time to go on vacation he visits many countries and makes a lot of friends while he's there. Thank you for listening

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