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    2. "I saw the movie Shin Godzilla in Toyosu. It was really good."

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    2. Change “in news of TV today” to: “During today’s TV news broadcast” ( you can omit “broadcast” - makes it informal)

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    2. 元 Yesterday(5th Oct 2018), my sister told me Tsukiji market bring down the curtain on its 82years. 編 Yesterday, October 5th, my sister told me that Tsukiji Market was closing the curtain on its 82 year history. (Yesterdayだから特に2018は不要) 元 We went ahead and visited there. 編 We decided to visit the market. 元 We are going to eat Gyudon in the Yoshinoya first store which is located in the market and will be closed at the same time. 編 We were going to eat gyudon (beef-bowl) at the original Yoshinoya store which is located inside the market and will be closing at the same time as the other shops. 元 To go to Tsukiji market since when I was a child my ground mother took me there. 編 I began going to Tsukiji market when I was a child with my grandmother, and have continued going since. 元 And we set foot in the market, many turret truck which unique to Tsukiji market to carry luggage zipped. 編 As we entered the market many turret trucks, which are unique to Tsukiji market, zipped by carrying produce. 元 the market was full of energy of merchant. Its like Shibuya Scramble Crossing. 編 The market was full of the infectious energy of the merchants, and felt a bit like the Shibuya Scramble. 元 There are so many store in the market.there is a beer case in the display cabinet. 編 There were so many stores in the market with beer in the display cabinet. 元 I think It strange that beer is sold too, but I was aware of that there are for Staffs as a memorial. 編 I thought that it was strange that they were selling beer too, but I realized that it was likely for staff members to drink a memorial toast. (Staffの複数形はStaff、若しくは'staff members') 元 some of them store already closed but staffs are stand in front of store for regular customer. also some of them store took pictures. 編 Some of the stores had already closed but the staff was standing in front of their stores to greet their regular customers and take pictures with them. 元 We could not eat Gyudon because there is a long line-up. but I am glad to see the last Tsukiji market. 編 We didn't end up eating Gyudon there because the line was so long, but I was glad to have the opportunity to see the market one last time. 元 I miss the Tsukiji market, but I am looking forward to come back agein as New Toyosu market at 11th Oct 2018 . 編 I will miss Tsukiji Market, but I am looking forward to the vendors reopening in the new Toyosu Market on October 11th.

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