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Q: What does Turncoat mean?
A: It is someone who switches or joins an opposing group.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Turncoat.
A: "Turncoat" is an word used to describe someone who has betrayed you. The term was mainly used during the revolutionary and civil war. People who were on one side of the war and switched to the other side (or even people who were spies) were often referred to as "traitors" or "turncoats." It literally means "to turn coats," in reference to trading in your uniform (or coat) for the opposing side. The term itself is not very common nowadays, but could be used like this:

"I had no idea that you would become such a turncoat and choose his side of the argument over mine."

"Jessica knows that I don't like Maria, and yet she continues to hang out with her. What a turncoat, right?"


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