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    2. Origami is a Japanese traditional way of folding a square paper. It can be turned into almost anything you could imagine. The most famous thing in origami is the Tsuru which is a Japanese white crane. The Tsuru may be hard to make on the first try, but after several times, one could make it easily without even looking at an origami book. Furthermore, Origami is an excellent way of engaging the human brain. So by playing with Origami not only is it a fun, it will also keep your brain healthy. It means activate your brain like you said. Another example is: If you want to cook properly you must engage all your senses. That means to use sight, smell, touch, and hearing. Another use with a completely different meaning is: to be engaged. He is no longer just her boyfriend they are engaged. My sister is engaged. That means my sister is going to marry her boyfriend and the marriage is certain.

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