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Q: What does 5,000 USD (net of any all taxes)

This means I have to pay tax in addition to 5,000 USD? mean?
A: It means the opposite. "net of tax" means that 5,000 USD is including taxes.
Q: What does make to to USD 300 dollars? I guess it means that they offer 300 bucks a week. But I’ve nerve come across that “make up to” is used like this. mean?
A: oh I got it wrong. Thanks!!
Q: What does USD mean?
A: @AlishaPshhh United States Dollar
Q: What does the same 29.99 USD would end up being more after conversion rate mean?
A: conversion rate is the value you get when you change one curreny into. another.
example= 1.10USD= 1¥ (or whatever it actually is lol)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 너가 이전에 보낸 첨부된 이메일에서 언급한 A전자의 USD 지급건과 관련된 것이라면 나에게 예상지급 날짜에 대해서 알려주세요
A: If it is related to the electronic USD payment mentioned in the attached email you sent previously, please let me know the estimated payment date.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? USD 1000 짜리 인보이스에 표기된 비용중 교통비 제외한 다른 비용들은 친구가 지불 했다.
A: A friend paid for the other expenses,
Except for transportation, on the 1000 USD invoice.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I have been passed the USD to pioneer travel.
A: "I am allowed to visit"? Your question is a bit confusing. Here are some examples that might work.

"The USD cleared me to travel here"

"I was allowed by the USD to pass through"

"I am just traveling, and I was cleared by the USD."

I hope I helped!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 28,099.5 USD The say total is: USD TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND AND NINETY NINE AND CENTS FIVE ONLY?
A: Twenty-eight thousand ninety-nine US dollars and fifty cents.

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Q: i'm calculating 800 USD dallars in korean dollars. does this sound natural?
A: I'm converting 800 USD to Korean won.
Q: $2045.40 ,SAY USD DOLLARS TWO THOUSAND FORTY FIVE CENTS FORTY ONLY . does this sound natural?
A: Two thousand forty five dollars and forty cents
Q: Which is more natural?

1 USD or USD 1 does this sound natural?
A: @baek: $1 USD is more natural.
Q: At least 10 million USD of the labor cost and 2 million USD of the paper cost are estimated to be saved up for a year. does this sound natural?
A: At least 10 million USD in labor costs and 2 million USD in paper costs are estimated to be saved per year.

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