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Q: Could you please correct this ?

Finally, in UT, after searching these chemical changes and finding the functional properties of the new ingredient, roasted BR paste, I will focus on creating new processed BR products. For now, I am thinking of suggesting Lei cha-like beverage from roasted BR paste. Lei-cha is still not really known in japan although it is a Taiwanese traditional tea. However, I believe the fact that it is also called “tea to eat,” could pick Japanese interest as it is a new concept for tea. Additionally, I would like to suggest roasted BR tea taking over my undergraduate thesis. After I make these new processed beverages, I will conduct tests of their composition and sensory evaluation. In doing so, I will examine its utility and availability.
A: いいです。

Just ‘pique’ their interest (pronounced ‘peek’).

And, if Lei-cha is hyphenated, you can say ‘Lei-cha-like’.

And capitalise ‘japan’. 🙂

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