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Q: Undersold = about PRICE of something
Oversold = about AMOUNT of something

A: Undersold means you were not told about all the good qualities.
—My new car is very impressive and I love it! The sales team really undersold it to me.

Oversold means you were told about qualities that were not true.
—II regret buying this car. It does not live up to the hype. The sales team lied to me about its features.

No, these verbs are not about price. They are about describing something.
1. If I don’t care whether you buy it, then I will undersell it. —This car is just average; there is nothing special about this car.
2. If I really WANT you to buy it, then I will oversell it; I will probably lie about it. —This car is extremely fast, has fantastic fuel economy, and has never been driven more than 100km.

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