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    2. We say this a lot to respond to instructions. Boss to employee, or wife to husband: "OK I want you to do this, then that, then this." "Understood!"

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    2. understood is the past form of 'to understand'. She understood all the Geography's subject.

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    2. Here are some examples: I understood her when she answered my question. Her English was easily understood. I thought my parents understood me but they said they didn’t.

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    2. 1) "Got it" is less formal, so it's not well suited for formal writing 2) "Got it" is instantaneous duration and represents an action that happened at a single point in time -- the moment you came to understand something. "Understood" can be either instantaneous or long duration, i.e. it can represent the one time transition from not understanding to understanding, or it can refer to a constant state of you understanding something. This makes it ambiguous when you use it in the past, so when you want to show that you understand something that was just explained to you, it is typical to either say "I got it" or "I understand (in the present)". "I understood" is less typical.

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    2. Basically Understand is the present tense for example Do you understand? and understood is the past tense example.. I already understood the question.. from the word already you can identify that it is past tense

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    2. O "gimme" até pode ser usado, mas é muito informal, então, quando escritoé preferível "give me". E o porque como "Why" tem que ser usado só quando é pergunta, então o mais certo seria "because". O Understood tá conjugado no passado, deveria ser "understand". - O "my" também está errado, recomendo pesquisar pra entender melhor... - Give me that book because it is mine! Understand?

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