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    2. Since I was a child I have felt a great vocation for the visual arts especially cinema and photography. In the future, I would like to be a film director and screenwriter. This course will help me to deepen my knowledge on the subject and make my dream possible. Since I was little I have been interested in the world of the seventh art and am a great admirer of many movies, spending many days watching them and watching the ''extras''. I also started to record and edit my first shorts with my friends, a camera and a simple editing package. I have always tried to choose school subjects that could help me at university. In fact, I decided to move from my town to a bigger city in Mallorca to do the artistic baccalaureate that was not offered in my town. During my life, I have studied various modules related to cinema such as ''Image and Expression'' where I learned to edit videos, to know the points of view of the camera, among many others, “Audio-visual culture'' where we studied the basis of the cinema and its specific language, ''Design'' where I created perfect spaces to record and designed clothes etc. and ''Foundations of Art'' where I studied history of cinema, and of art in general. I was also involved in theatre as an extracurricular activity for many years. Also from a young age I have felt a great inspiration for music and especially for the piano, that I have played for many years. As music is a big part of cinema I think understanding the foundations of it can help me develop my film career. I have decided to study in the UK because the opportunities are better. Cinema is more renowned and valued than in Spain. It is also a new experience that will help me to know the world and learn more about the country’s language, culture etc. I have read many books on the subject. I emphasize: - The Film Director prepares by Myrl A. Schreibman. This helped me a lot because it is a complete guide with very real examples. - On Directing by Gabriella Giannachi and Mary Luckhurst. This talks about the position that a director has when recording. - How to write a movie in 21 days by Viki King. - A body of vision by R. Bruce Elder. In addition to many scripts. I haven’t had many opportunities to make movies because where I live due to a lack of interested collaborators, however, I have written many scripts without production and some shorts like '' Change '' (Included in the Portfolio). I have been influenced by many experts such as: Warner Herzog, Damien Charelle (with La La Land), Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Juan Antonio Bayona, Alejandro Amenábar and Stanley Kubrick. I have highlighted these directors especially for their use and composition of planes in the incredible cinematography in many of their films. I think I can be a great candidate because I have clear that this is what I like the most and what I am going to dedicate my whole life to. I am going to contribute a lot and apply myself thoroughly in the subjects.

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