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    2. A weeaboo is basically a non-Japanese otaku who is obsessed with Japanese culture (usually anime and manga) to a point where they wish they were Japanese or may even call them self Japanese and hate their own culture. They use random Japanese words in every day life, even when speaking to people who don’t speak Japanese, fantasise about japan and fetishise the Japanese people. So it is an extreme version of an otaku.

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    2. weeaboo is more negative. Someone who likes anime and manga so much they act like they're japanese and they wish they were japanese. They also *probably* have a katakana collection haha. Otaku is someone who ISN'T absolutely nuts. they really like anime and manga and that's totally cool. They haven't lost their culture or who they really are. they just really fucking like anime.

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    2. I think the proper term is “Japanophile”, but I’m not sure if everyone knows that. There is “Anglophile” (someone who like English, US culture) And I believe “koreanophile” might be one, but I’m not sure And weeaboo and koreaboo are offensive terms, but some people ARE koreaboo/weeaboos. Koreaboo (korean) and weeaboo (Japanese) is a person who is OBSESSED with the korean or Japanese culture. And I mean like.... - trying to act like there favorite idols or anime characters - “look like” a korean person or Japanese person/anime character. - rejecting their own culture/nationality and being absobred in korean or Japanese culture (mostly music and anime) -identifying as korean or Japanese -listening exclusively to Korean and Japanese music. (I mean their playlist is like 90% korean or Japanese) - liking ONLY things that are korean/Japanese (Sometimes I find myself listening to korean/Japanese/Chinese music or watching videos about culture, or watching shows/movies a lot so I brainwash myself with American music. I don’t want to be called a koreaboo or weeaboo)

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    2. "Mock" and "tease" are similar, but when you mock someone, the intention is to hurt them. "Weeaboo" is a made-up word that refers to a person who is NOT Japanese, but glorifies the culture (to the point where they think they are Japanese).

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    2. thank you! I mean, he wants to learn Russian, but i dont give him crap for that.

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    2. Yeah, probably. I've heard "otaku" in Japan has some more disturbing implications, though (AKB48 stabbings, Miyazaki Tsutomu etc). "Weeaboos" in America are just thought of as kind of annoying haha ^_^

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