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    2. That's not a common sentence, but it implies that the things are not dangerous, as whipped cream is not dangerous

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    2. Whipped. Meaning 1: past tense of "to whip". For example - "The donkey was often whipped for walking to slow." Meaning 2: a process that can be to done to cream in order to form "whipped cream". Meaning 3: is slang for - to be restricted from or coerced to doing something. This is often directed towards romantic relationships. For example - person1- "You going to the party tomorrow?" person 2- "I can't, I have to go shopping with my girlfriend." person1- "Haha! Your so whipped!"

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    2. "whipped" can mean to beat something (ex. She whipped the boy with a belt). It can also mean to quickly pull something out (ex. He whipped out his notebook).

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    2. never heard of henpecked before, not sure what it means

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