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    2. I'm going to talk about the theme "The author's voice, the author's (PLAY) with language.(ADD QUOTATION MARKS ") For that, we'll talk about the novel (")The Moonstone(") by Wilkie Collins(,) written in 1868. Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright(,) and short story (WRITER) (WHO WAS) born in 1824 and died in 1888. He is famous for (HIS NOVELS) (")The Woman in White(") (AND) (")No Name(.") (W)e can say that he is the precursor of (THE) detective story. He was (ONE OF THE POPULAR NOVELISTS IN THE RISE) (DELETE "part") of the sensation novel during the Victorian era(,) which was (FROM) 1837 to 1901. (SENSATION NOVELS WERE A) subgenre (DELETE "was") popular in the 1860s and (WRITTEN WITH A) domestic setting (IN MIND). (")The Moonstone(") is a detective fiction which was a new genre (AT THE TIME)(.) (I)n 1928 the poet and critic(,) Thomas Stearns Eliot(,) said that (IT WAS) "the first, the longest, and the best of the modern English detective novels". Through this novel, we will see how Collins shows us the same story with differents point of view.

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