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    2. in my life, I am inspired by creative people THAT ARE full of ideas. People who achieve success thanks to their passion. That’s why A big inspiration for me is the life and work Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh is a Dutch painter who devoted his whole life to art.his life was very difficult and sad.He lived in poverty and in loneliness. nobody understood his painting. He never sold a single painting because his works did not please anyone. He was ridiculed and unappreciated. Wincent, however, never gave up. Despite everything, he created his art And he did not pay attention to what others THOUGHT. he painted with great passion and love, he did what he liked.Vincent van gogh has created many beautiful and colorful paintings in his life that inspire me very much. just like Vincent van Gogh, I love the combination of yellow and blue. Van Gogh's life is very interesting and inspiring.that's why van Gogh's paintings inspire me to paint, and his life to act and not give up I WOULD TRY TO NOT REPEAT INSPIRE TOO MUCH, DESPITE THAT, GOOD WORK!

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