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    2. "This is the time of evil in the night" but that text is very old and people don't talk like this anymore

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    2. It depends. People who have an interest in the occult, supernatural, some religious people may bring it up occasionally in conversation. But the majority of people don't bring it up unless someone else brings it up.

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    2. fine.

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    2. It's no wOnder* that many American children and parents were coming to see this movie (*NOTE* usually when we use the expression, "no wonder" it's good to explain why, starting with the word "because ...." ... For ex. "it's no wonder that many American children and parents were coming to see this movie BECAUSE IT WAS REALLY GREAT") For me, I UNDERSTOOD what the characters said little by little, compared to 3 months ago when I watched a movie here for the first time. But sometimes THERE WERE SCENES I couldn't make sense OF, even though children wAtching thE movie WERE LAUGHING. They seemED TO BE under 10 years old. I mean I started studying English before they were born AND I OFTEN NOTICED A big DIFFERENCE between native speakers and others. THESE DAYS, I can LISTEN TO native speakers from others AND DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE TWO BY their SPEECH. For example, when I watched an interview of President Trump and Melania on YouTube, I NOTICED SOMETHING a little odd IN Melanie's SPEECH. After that, I found OUT that she is not from America, BUT from Slovenia. Although I didn't know this fact before, it feel like AN American, because IT'S SURPRISING TO ME THAT the wife of THE President IS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY.

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