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    2. a feeling of surprise or admiration. Noun. As a verb, it means to be curious about something. For example, you were wondering what wondering meant.

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    2. desire or be curious to know something.

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    2. Wondering about you. Thinking about you. Concerned or question what is happening about you or to you. It basically means questioning or curious. What did you eat? An apple. Oh I was just wondering. I am wondering why you don't know what wondering means. Hey I was wondering, would you be my girlfriend? Are you going to the store? Because, I was wondering you would grab some milk. The root word is wonder, which can me like amazing or awe-inspiring. A winter wonder land. The 7 wonders of the world. Wow what a wonder. I wonder if you understand yet. Learning a new language is such a wonder. I am wondering if Spanish is hard to learn. I wonder why you are learning English It can also be used in a sentence meaning there is no confusion. No wonder you can't get a girlfriend, your so ugly. It's no wonder why so many people drop out of this university, the teachers suck. I am wondering why the wonders of the world are considered so wonderful. That's another one wonderful, it means the opposite of awful. Which is confusing because if something fills you full of awe then it is wonderful but if it is boring or bad then it is awful. I am wondering if you think my answer is awful, but if it's not awful maybe you will like it. :)

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    2. Thinking about something

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    2. I was wondering if I could borrow your phone to call home. She was asking him things he couldn't imagine.

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