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    2. Usually, people say it in response to another person telling them what they should have done in the past. Sally: "You should have taken the trash out. Now the house smells terrible." Bill: "woulda coulda shoulda. Let's just light some candles and it will smell better soon." Let me revise my original statement. The regret that the person feels is shallow or insincere. So the action that they could have taken does not matter because they cannot go back and change it.

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    2. Musta = Must have Shoulda = Should have Woulda = Would have Wannabe = Want to be Coulda = Could have Again, it's not correct to write those, I don't want people to think I'm saying it's ok to do that. However, sometimes in spoken English you will hear people say "Coulda" instead of "Could have", because it's much easier and faster to say "Coulda". There are some videos on youtube that talk about this.

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