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    2. My Best tip is "Knowledge and action should go hand in hand". It comes from a famous Chinese person, whose name is Yangming Wang from the Ming Dynasty. If wished, read more information about him on this wiki page: First off, this tip has two parts. You need to know something, something about who you are(This means what level you match), what you want, and how to achieve it. If you don't even know these, you easily lose your direction. You will not have the sense to improve yourself. When you have done enough thinking and learn enough, the next most important thing is action. Things won't be done by themselves, unless, you are involved. Here is a case about myself. I decided to learn English last year, so I accumulated many methods from the Internet. I viewed many cases from other people who also wanted to learn English like me. I knew that I already had enough knowledge about how to learn English. But until February, I didn't improve at all in my English, because I didn't take action. From February there on, I began to recite English words to improve my vocabulary. I learned about 100 words every day(most forgotten soon), it was really arduous. I used "Test your vocab"( to help test my result. On February 28, my vocabulary was 2260, but since June 11, it has already grown to 5030! I can read some simple articles now, my English having apparently improved these days. Which in itself, feels great, and although my English is still very poor, I believe it will become stronger and stronger if I continue learning. So knowing is not enough, action is an integral part of success, you simply must spend the time on it.

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