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    2. (My Japanese is poor so i'm just correcting your English, i can't understand what you want to say in Japanese) *riding away on the motorcycle (Running = on your feet. Riding = on a bike/motorbike) *darkness, not knowing my destination (Your original sentence didn't make sense, this is more natural) *smoking cigarettes isn't pleasant (Smoking cigarettes (to smoke cigarettes) is an action, thus it's singular. Tasty is used with food, so it sounds odd to use it with cigarettes. Pleasant has the same feeling, but it's more natural) *looking at the stars ("Look at" is the phrasal verb. It sounds more natural to specify "the" stars.) *this is a teenager's night (Teen is fine, but you need to add "a", and to me teenager sounds a bit more natural within the writing.)

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    2. The sky on the highest building I'm looking the dream I couldn't tach by my hand. At the top of the highest building I'm looking at the dream in the sky I couldn't touch (with my hand). I wish to break the prison of my heart. Hiding in the back of school's wall, We're smoking cigarettes as like we're confined by something. If we were found by someone we'd never go away.... Hiding behind the wall in the schoolyard (I don't understand this part - is it wall of the building or the wall surrounding the schoolyard??), we're smoking cigarettes (I couldn't understand the following part - as if we were ______ by something => this is a comparative clause, as we are ________ by something => a causal clause, the verb "confine" isn't quite appropriate here, since you would have to use the construction "we were confined to _______").... If someone ever caught us, we'd never get away.) We are... striking and intimidating to adults, they've never understood our feelings. Then our batty mate is planning to abandon his home and school. (could you provide more context for this sentence?) We don't want to go back to the prisons of our lives ever again. I'm fearing for unknowing who am I. I'm afraid I don't know who I am./I have fear of not knowing who I am./I fear that I don't know who I am. This is teen age's night This is the teenager's night. (In the title there's number 15. Maybe the translation "this is the night of a fifteen years old teenager" would be acceptable?) I'm... running away on the motorcycle I stole on the road. I don't know where am I going... I am going into the darkness with nothing known about my destination/I am going into the darkness knowing nothing about my destination. Smoking cigarettes are not tasty but I'm looking stars in the sky because this is my ideal freedom. This is the teenager's night. Smoking cigarettes that taste bad, I'm watching the stars in the sky. This is my ideal freedom./ I'm smoking the cigarettes, watching the stars in the sky. The cigarettes taste bad, but it's still my ideal freedom. (I really didn't understand the logical connection between these clauses - it is not logical to oppose the fact that someone is smoking cigarettes that taste bad to the fact that you're watching the starry sky; it would make much more sense if you opposed the fact that cigarettes he/she is smoking taste bad to the fact that he/she is still enjoying her freedom because he/she is watching the stars.)

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    2. "it might be better" "headshots of the singer/artist." meaning unclear: "graphic design is not an explanatory leaflet"? "impressive, and characteristic parts from many complicated information[s?]" [what kind of information?] meaning unclear: "then combine sense and them to got people attract to"? combine the information[s]? combine the parts? combine both? "in this album cover, Yukata K combines the elements..." "because the album's title, Hachimitsu, means..." meaning unclear: "and the logo of honeycomb's shape and the picture which without headshots of singer/artist"? possible run-on sentence. Maybe you mean: "logo of the honeycomb's shape, without using the singer/artist's headshot"? "therefore, lots of people" "feel the atmosphere that the album's design evokes"?

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